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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

Tech Guide: Asus ROG G752VT-DH72

Welcome To Republic Of Gamers The latest Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) is this quarter’s best newcomer of this gaming laptops sector. This series by Asus is long known for being the high end option for a gaming notebook. The version they came up with last year, albeit from having major designing issues was probably the best of the year. … continue reading

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Teslasuit Lets You Feel Virtual Reality

So far, we’ve got vibration consoles, gesture mimicking joysticks and movement analysis cameras such as Kinect. With such tools, the gamer is able to better control in-game characteristics; it’s way more fun to play golf using a Wii console rather than a keyboard and mouse. However, little to no feedback is received for the amount of input pushed towards the game. … continue reading

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Fontus – Or How You Can Turn Air Into Water

Fontus Is The New Technological Landmark I know it might not look so big, but just imagine not having to plan your bike trip depending on the hydration sources available. And this is just one simple, selfish argument. For the entire world this could be a game changer. You could now literally harvest water. Fontus is powered by solar cells … continue reading

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Boba Fett Ballistic Armor

A Box Full Of Surprises Today, jumping out of our box full of surprises, it’s a body armor to make you prepared for when the little green men arrive. I can just imagine how short the Independence Day movie would have been if everyone on Earth had one of this. Alright, but how about a great gift for your little … continue reading

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Pimp Out Your Lego With These Rims

LEGO, something we grew to know and love since our toddler years, is one of human’s greatest inventions. These timeless pieces of plastic allow us to materialize our visions into real life models. The problem is how to make your model a work of art and not “just another LEGO”. The problem of course lies within the very generic parts available out of the … continue reading

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Get The Smart Lock From HAVEN

Secure At All Times We all want to feel secure. It’s the most basic need of sustainable human life. When we’re little, we let our parents do that. But when we become the parents, it’s in our responsibility to take care of that. We want everyone in the family to feel safe and there is no room to joke about … continue reading

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Tech Guide: Asus GTX 950 Strix OC Edition

The GTX 950 Strix Edition – Not Cheap, But Price-Smart Nvidia GTX 950 is a very good, reliable yet price decent graphics card. The latest additions brought by Asus should meet any requirements of a high-end video game, thus allowing you enjoy them fully. It’s based on the Nvidia’s Maxwell core, which is still capable. I know, some will say … continue reading

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OUKITEL Smartphone Boasts 15 Days Battery Life

Are you the kind of person that travels a lot? Are you used to seeing the departures terminal more frequently than the neighborhood? Are you leaving for a very long trip next week? The OUKITEL Smartphone Is Made For You How about if you had a 10k mAh battery available with you? Inside the smartphone, man, not those heavy, uncomfortable … continue reading

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Lego Architecture Skyline Collection

For Men Who Want More The Lego Architecture Skyline Collection is made for men who want more from life in general. They like to play, but they don’t fool around. If you are one of them, you should get your own set. The collection represents a set of three cities with their respective landmarks and the tallest building in the … continue reading

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Nebia Shower

Feeling Smoother Than Ever – With Nebia Shower Welcome to Nebia Shower! This is the innovation your body has been made to experience. Nebia Shower is one of the particular little things that can make your life so much better. What exactly does it do for you? Simple: gives a meaning to every Monday morning. With this shower in your … continue reading

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