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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

Timahawk Apocalipse Survival Axe

The Newest Additional to Your Toolshed Lumberjacks, Carpenters, Rock Climbers, Off-The-Grid Survivalists. Across the ‘scape of time, there have been many pursuits that has required man to use more then his reptilian brain. One of the things that have made mankind the dominate species on the planet is our ability to develop tools. So it of course makes sense that … continue reading

$239 Buy

4,500W Gold Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

4,500 Watts of Jewelry Speaker When it comes to wireless audio speakers, there is not much that can compete with French audio brand Devialet, both in terms of quality and price. Priced $600 above it’s silver counterpart, Devialet Phantom promises to provide a 4,500 W musical experience, all from the insides of a small round piece. Technically, Phantom is able to … continue reading

$6,000 Buy

Minimalistic Enhanced Screwdriver

Minimalistic Enhanced Screwdriver Have you ever seen your basic toolbox? In it, normally you have several different styles of screwdrivers, and save for a power drill, they all have the same design flaw. The handle, doesn’t allow for much manual power. While stumping many, people will at times have to turn to more powerful tools just to get the job … continue reading

Olympus Tough TG-Tracker Camera

TG-Tracker For Rugged Outdoors Built for the adventure-seeker type of man, Olympus pushes the already-overcrowded action camera market segment with Tough TG-Tracker. Thankfully, it doesn’t just look rugged and ready, it actually is. While it fits in your pocket, it delivers 4K video and photo quality. The 204° extreme angle and F2.0 high-speed lens ensure every bit of your adventure will … continue reading

$350 Buy

TAC Force Rainbow Knife

TAC Force Rainbow Knife Have you just recently seen your favorite action film and been inspired to take up some sort of bladed defense? Have you recently developed a hobby based on weapons training and seek to improve your skill with an out of the box blade? One blade that still hold high regard amongst most is the ever popular folding knife. … continue reading

$8.80 Buy

The Dream-house for the Minimalist

The Dream-house for Minimalism Minimalism is a trend that’s gripping America right now. More and more people are stepping away from the typical American Dream filled with consumerism that is just so prevalent in this country. To fit in with the act of having and needing less things to keep yourself efficient and keep waste to a minimum, some architects are … continue reading

SilentKeys Keyboard Guards Your Privacy

The key to privacy? Let’s be honest, privacy online is a hard thing to get these days, with a new virus or a hacker lurking around the corner all the time. And it is very important to try and keep some data private, like your bank account or your social media profiles. You can use different programs to ensure that … continue reading

$99 Buy

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy ACHOO! You sniff, irritated as you once again have to blow your nose, and use those frustrating nasal sprays to clear your pollen allergy. You think back on all the many times that you’ve had to stop what you’re doing, throw off your productiveness, just to sneeze. It can definitely make your blood boil, but more then that, … continue reading

$99 Buy

Knocki Allows Remote Control Through Any Surface

Smart-up any surface with Knocki Remotes are annoying – they run out of battery quite fast and usually get lost beneath the couch or in-between the sheets. As technology evolved, we have been presented with other versions of remote controls: remember those lamps that would turn on when clapping? Fun at first, but get really annoying after some time. Since … continue reading

$79 Buy

Vi Uses Artificial Intelligence To Coach You

Trains you like a robot When a personal trainer is out of your reach, money-wise, so far the only alternative was sourcing youtube videos and reading tons of articles on body training. While not a bad idea to get informed an save a few hundred bucks a month, results are definitely slower when there’s no one qualified to guide your … continue reading

$199 Buy
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