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The Amazon Dash

These days, shopping is getting easier and easier, which is good news for busy people and especially families, as we all know how it’s like to run out of something or simply forget to buy an item which is later needed. Amazon Dash comes for solving that problem and makes shopping the easiest duty of them all when keeping a house. If you’re an Amazon Fresh customer, Dash is your “weapon” for making groceries. This little device can scan the items which you intent to … continue reading

Kurgo Wander Hammock Seat Cover

Most people are dog persons (I am too, even if I sold my soul to two little mischievous cats) and a lot of persons like to travel with their dogs or just carry them around here and there, in the park, for example. In the car. Well, this thing raises an issue: even if dogs are known for being smart and obedient, they still can cause some damage to your seats with their claws, drooling or even nastier things, such as barfing. You needn’t worry … continue reading

$51 Buy

The Body Dryer

One of the most innovative devices that comes around this year is the Body Dryer, a system that does exactly what you probably suspect: it dries your body after you come out of the shower. With this, you can say your good-byes to the regular towels, as this baby is said to dry your marvelous body in less than 30 seconds. It’s also safe and bacteria free, unlike your bath towels, which normally gather and grow germs after being used for several times. I know … continue reading

$150 Buy

The Kauri Table. From the Oldest Wood In The World

If vintage, old and even ancient objects are your thing, my guess is that you’ll be quite interested in an intriguing piece of furniture created by Polish design studio Holzano. What’s so special about it? Well, their piece of work is made from the oldest wood ever to be found – the Kauri wood. It originates from a New Zealand forest which was buried 50,000 years ago after an unknown natural disaster occurred. The wood was preserved and stumps and root pieces of it are … continue reading


Amazon Fire TV

The world’s largest online retailer,, has released the Amazon Fire TV, a popular streaming media device that occupies the first place on their best selling electronics. These devices have been on the market for a while now and the guys from Amazon have analysed their evolution and came to a conclusion about what works and what doesn’t. Their device is said to be the best out there and probably is, as this tiny device works like a charm due to its powerful hardware, a … continue reading

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Martin Logan Crescendo Premium Wireless Speaker System

A good sound system is certainly important for anyone who’s addicted to music (like I am, for example, as I couldn’t go one day without it). When that sound system is also defined by fine aesthetics, besides being a good performer and all, I say that it definitely deserves a place in your house. Say hello to Crescendo, an impressive wireless speaker system that wears the signature of Martin Logan and is a perfect combination between high quality features and a good looking design. Crescendo … continue reading


Hardcore Hardware Rhino Axe Utility Tool

For those of you interested in all kinds of tools and especially hardcore hardware, check out the MFE01 Rhino. This baby is the result of a collaboration between Hardcore Hardware and the Australian Army SOER and serves multiple purposes, such as hammering, chopping, digging, splitting, smashing stuff and even more. The Rhino consists in a nail puller, pry bar, has an axe head, a pry bar claw and is made from D2 tool steel, being coated with Teflon for durability. For being perfectly manageable, the … continue reading

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Metamorfosis Bookshelf

Today, I’ve stumbled upon one of the coolest bookshelves I’ve seen and, of course, I’m going to show it to you. The masterpiece is known as Metamorfosis and is created by Sebastian Errazuriz, a famous artist and designer which is very well known for his beautiful artworks. The awesome bookshelf has been designed as to resemble with the crawling ivy. The artist was inspired by the ivy that crawled on his childhood home, as he used to use its branches for placing his toys. Well, … continue reading

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