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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

Ferrolic, The Liquid Clock

Quick facts check first: ferrofluid is a liquid that possesses the capability to become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It has been around for some years, but not until this presentation have I seen it put to such mesmerizing use. The creators call Ferrolic the place where digital meets nature. Ferrolic is a digital clock, which displays the digits using ferrofluid on a magnetic field. The technology is somehow comparable to a aquarium in which the fluid runs around. … continue reading

$8,625 Buy

Catalyst Waterproof Case For Apple Watch

Apple Watch became a literally overnight success, with lots of people emptying Apple Stores all over the world, for this product. However, as in the case of every new iPhone, it didn’t take long for the first broken Apple watches to appear. We are clumsy sometimes and jump into a water pool under the influence, without realizing that there’s a gadget attached to one of our wrists. And electronic components don’t do well facing water. Catalyst offers a full waterproof case for Apple … continue reading

$59.99 Buy

Google OnHub Enhances WiFi Experience

Teaming up with famous networking components manufacturer TP-Link, Google released OnHub, a new generation wireless router designed to cope with high bandwidth environments and be compatible with mostly any wireless technology to date. OnHub is capable of dealing with speeds up to 1900 Mbps. Its construction integrates 19 antennas disposed circularly, for a better signal spreading and reduced loss. Configuring OnHub is done through a simple but efficient application with the same name. It allows users to provide more bandwidth to devices requiring … continue reading

$199 Buy

Branch Chandelier by Keha3

Light your room with the latest aluminum tree mimic chandelier, in my opinion, a piece of inspiring craftwork coming out from the need of understanding the balance between our modern westernized civilization and the wave calling for a return back to basic principles of living. It is said that for a man to fulfill his meaning on Earth, he must have a kid, build a house and plant a tree. Well, the tree side of this triangle is covered by the guys at … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Everbright. A Digital Lite-Bright For Adults

What most managers tend to forget about is the fact that, building a proper workspace should start from the concept of engaging and promoting interhuman connections. A great environment for workers to interact and feel comfortable not only increases the overall state of mind in the office lobby, but also enhances productivity on the long term. Solutions to improve workspaces are all around, but Everbright brings something new in the equation. As simplistic as it looks, Everbright is able to make different departaments … continue reading

$14,000 Buy

Sliden’Joy Provides Two Extra Screens For Your Laptop

Laptops are made to be powerful but in the same time remain portable. In this note, producers will try to keep laptop sizes under 17 inches, as anything bigger becomes way less portable and does not provide advantage of a desktop anymore. However, although a laptop can pack some serious CPU power and quite a bit of RAM memory, it all gets a bottleneck at the display size. Visual developers, programmers and multimedia users can benefit from two additional screens for their laptop, … continue reading

$221 Buy

Nokero Is The World’s Brightest Solar Light

Have you ever found yourself lacking proper light when taking care of a job ? Be it outside, for example, when camping, at night, or when stuck with the car in the middle of nowhere or inside, while running down some chores. Nokero is on the way with the help you need, their W100 solar light lamp is a powerful tool to match the words. Weatherproof, it can be mounted on the side of a building, a fence, a pole, the side of … continue reading

$180 Buy

Remix Mini Is The First Android Personal Computer

Do you enjoy working inside an Android ecosystem, but you crave for desktop features such as taskbars, multiple windows or multitasking? Based on the modern RemixOS, Remix Mini can be called the first true Android PC. Everywhere there are people spending way more than necessary on personal computers; paying $2000 for a mail checking, youtube music playing machine is not quite of a deal when you get to think about all the power left unused, and more, how you could’ve spent those extra … continue reading

$50 Buy
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