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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

Idaladla, A Prefabricated Tiny House

Nano-housing might be the future. I mean, there is this spacing problem that comes with the overpopulation. But let’s try and make this a cool thing. Living smaller is actually neat. It’s not only some hipster way to go around living the daily life, it also gives you the option to have a utilization for each and every inch of your place, thus maximizing the role your home should play in your life. A company coming out of South Africa came with the … continue reading

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Matador Droplet Bag Keeps Water Away Anytime

A dry bag is very useful in bad weather conditions or when you’re going surfing or swimming and not willing to keep your valuables on the side where they might become prey for willing minds. When you’re getting out of the gym or from the pool, a nice bag that can keep water from dripping out is great to hold your equipment. But why use two bags when Matador Droplet aims to work both ways and still fit in a tiny recipient you … continue reading

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Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera

Guys at Olympus come with what they brag to be the next big thing in your shooting game. I talk shooting pictures, of course. Olympus AIR is a new concept, open platform camera that pairs your Smartphone to a lens camera. So you got the intelligence, the flexibility and the features of a gadget combined with the quality of an edgy interchangeable lens camera. The big this is, you don’t need it to be attached to your phone all the time, you can … continue reading

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Marshall London Is The Loudest Smartphone Yet

While petrolheads may argue that there is no replacement for displacement, I do strongly consider that, in the vast audiomaker industry, there is no replacement for experience and quality. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have an audio device which provides crystal clear sound, gives out a high number of decibels and above all, it can fit in your pocket? With a dedicated music button and two very loud front speakers, Marshall London might just be the loudest mobile phone available on the market … continue reading

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Lumos Is The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

Admit it; you are sometimes not providing enough attention to bicycle riders when you’re cruising in your car. It may be that you’re tired, having to deal with less disciplined drivers, or, you can’t simply see these guys rolling on two wheels. Lumos is here to solve the problem, by adding automobile-like features into a basic bicycle helmet. Lumos starts from the design of a safety helmet and then adds features making you more visible into traffic, especially at night. A set of integrated … continue reading

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Charge Smartphones Free With Solar Paper

It is the start of an end we might say; and we are talking about fossil fuels. Although the change is not abrupt at all, we are witnessing the transition towards solar energy usage along with other types of alternative energy. Although there are only a few cars that actually run solely on electric power, gadgets are in the number of billions. Solar Paper aims to be the lightest and fastest solar charger there is. According to producers, it is so light, it … continue reading

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BatteryBox Holds More Juice For Your Gadgets

There is never enough power to supply our electrical energy demands. There is always a laptop that needs charging, or a phone, or a tablet. What’s worse is that most of the time, power outlets seem to vanish like water in the desert, right when you need one the most. BatteryBox acts exactly like a power supply and rests small enough to be carried around without too much hassle. BatteryBox comes with a special charging cable for MacBooks and a USB port used … continue reading

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Puphaus By Pyramid Is The Ultimate Dog Home

A dog is really man’s best friend, and I definitely love this tail wiggling guy who has been chewing the life out of my sneakers when he was just a puppy. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who would go full John Wick mode for his or her puppy, so here’s a great idea on how to keep him sheltered. Puphaus is designed and produced by PYRAMID studio, based in Atlanta. The construction really turns heads given its architectural beauty while also … continue reading

$990 Buy
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