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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

The Thing Your Pocket Has Been Missing – Walli Smart Wallet

Disrupting The Wallet We got a smart for everything these days. We live in the era of the smartphone, the smartwatch, the smart camera, smart TV? Does it ring a bell? We live dependently on these things, and that’s fine. We’re not becoming slaves of technology, we’re improving. I think it’s time for a new advancement in your life. Only this time, … continue reading

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Love Music? Plantronics BackBeat Sense

Bring quality with you everywhere Plantronics, for those of you who don’t know, represents one of the greatest audio gadgets manufacturers in both the USA and the world. NASA actually used their equipment, back in 1961. In present day, they want to make us a proposal: take the new headset, the BackBeat Sense for a spin and be simply amazed. … continue reading

$183 Buy

Bamboo Brilliance Design

New times, new shapes So many great things have come out of carving wood, making it bend to the will of the man. From tools to weapons, from heat to structures and defence positions. Maybe these things have gone too far now, but that is a discussion for some other time. This is what the Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng wanted … continue reading

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Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

Time for things to get raw Manliness is a word often used these days. Everything is sorted out as being manly or not. But with this trend, we tend to forget what manly really means. Manly is not about growing a lumberjack beard or wearing lumberjack clothes. Manly is about being a lumberjack if the situation calls for it. To help … continue reading

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Klax Multi Tool Ax

Bigger doesn’t always mean better Have you heard about those Swiss army knives, made for multitasking in various conditions, imposed by the different landscapes a soldier can find himself in ? Of course you have, they are famous all over the world. Well, this is what Klax, the Multi Tool Ax is here to represent: the idea that small things … continue reading

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Tech Guide: OnHub from Google

Experience better connectivity Google has expanded from a simple digitalized web-service allowing its users to search all around the www. to being both one of the greatest brands in the world right now and largest companies of the IT industry. Thy released more and more devices and gadgets, spreading all over the business, ranging from mobile phone industry or self-driving … continue reading

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Zero Energy House

Living the future is achievable now We’ve all seen those perfect images from future. In movies, in books, times when civilization has become so advanced that we don’t need to consume in order to exist. This is what a couple from the United States imagined for their own space of living, so they created the house that eats no energy, … continue reading

Star Wars R2D2 x Fridge Mashup

There have been countless marketing campaigns promoting Star Wars material such as toy lightsabers, furry Chewbaccas and even full Storm Trooper suits. Even the small R2D2 caught quite some spotlight with his cute electronic squeaking. However, it is probably the first time ever the tiny droid got mixed up with a household appliance. Turning him basically into a beer droid, … continue reading

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Get A Longer Lasting iPhone Battery

You’re Charging To 100% If your palms start sweating when your battery drops below 90%, you need to chill. Maintaining a full charge is not the most efficient way to keep your phone battery strong. In fact, experts suggest letting your phone coast through the day between 30 and 80 percent full. That’s where it’s most comfortable, and will run … continue reading

Poetic Sand Clock

As time goes by… Humans is the only species living on this planet, surrounded by this beautiful nature we share with others, which account for the time they spend under the sun. We count how much we spend in school, at work, sleeping or how much time we need to arrive at point B after leaving A. Time is an … continue reading

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