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Everything you need to become a better, stronger more prepared man. Here’s the best men’s gear.

CRKT Trencher Is a Multi Purpose Survival Shovel

When it comes to survival tools, efficiency is all that matters. Even so, we like our knives to look and feel good, as well as other pieces of survival gear. Fortunately, Trencher multi purpose survival shovel combines the ultimate three digging, sawing and cutting tools into a rugged yet finished package. Good ol’ grit If you do a quick online … continue reading

$100 Buy

Bush Pilot Survival Kit

In case you are planning a trip out to the wild for the first time or if this is the hundredth time you have done that, you need a good survival kit with you. You never know what the day in the woods will bring and it is best to be prepared for all kinds of outcomes. This Bush Pilot … continue reading

$1499 Buy

Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker

Are you planning an exciting camping trip with your friends and family this summer? Do you want to throw a party at the lake or by the beach? If you are, you will definitely need good speakers to get the party going. And you should know about Survivor – the world’s first and only 2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker sound system … continue reading

$279.99 Buy

Jens Risom’s Block Island Retreat

Can a prefabricated home look stylish and appealing? Many would argue that it can not, especially with an A design from the 60’s that makes you think of cheap post-war solutions. Well, the good thing is that there are still amazing people out there with vision and imagination that are able to turn things around and prove us wrong. A … continue reading

ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable Holds A Lifetime

Wireless charging through Qi systems is already here, but widespread implementation isn’t yet possible due to technology limitations. This is why we are looking for charging cables which can do their job but also resist bending, accidental stretching and other types of wear. ZUS Kevlar charging cable promises not just to be resilient, but maybe even outlive you. Kevlar, like … continue reading

$15 Buy

Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You To Coffee

It’s Monday morning, and you might have a really nasty hangover waiting to kick in as soon as you wake up. Fortunately, you can get a cup of coffee right when the alarm starts pounding against your eardrum. Industrial designer Josh Renouf developed Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee right when you wake up, easing the … continue reading

Mesmerizing: Jimmy DiResta Restoring Fireman’s Axe

Do you know Jimmy DiResta? Neither did we, until we’ve seen what his hands can do when coming in contact with the right materials and equipment for tool making. As a designer but also movie producer, DiResta manages his own youtube channel where he shows off what 40 years of experience in tool making can provide. One of the latest … continue reading

WT Architecture “Ruins House”

An Amazing Idea Coll is one of the westernmost points in Scotland. Located west of Mull, in the Inner Hebrides, this small piece of land is known for the Breachacha Castle. It’s here where James Boswell found that amazing inspiration in writing Samuel Johnson’s biography during their Tour of the Hibrides. The book is considered by many the most beautiful … continue reading

Keysmart Holds Your Keys Together Tightly

We probably all started small when it comes to keys. One from the front door, another from the car, and maybe one from the whiskey stash you wish your wife wouldn’t know about. At this point, a keyring is pretty easy to manage, even easy to misplace, causing you to check all your pockets twice before finding it. Still, as you add … continue reading

$16 Buy

Tech Guide: Garmin Vivomove

Garmin Vivomove Is Possible For Everyone Probably the main counter argument for a fitness tracker is the design. I mean, how difficult it is to match it to your suit and tie, right? Well, Garmin made available a solution to this. It’s called Vivomove. The watch is stylish in many aspects, giving you reasons to wear one. You can choose … continue reading

$149-$299 Buy
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