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Microsoft Calls Surface Book The Ultimate Laptop

It was one of those “wait, there’s more!” moments delivered by Microsoft when it unveiled the Surface Book earlier this week. Since everyone looks at the product as being a MacBook Pro killer, taking a quick glance at the specs offered on the Surface Book makes everyone to be right. For the first laptop in their history, Microsoft did well; … continue reading

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16 Most Inspiring Offices To Work From


Going to work isn’t the most wished for activity in the world; in fact, it may very be somewhere at the bottom of the list. People don’t go to work for pleasure, at least not the vast majority. Still, imagine that you would be able to customize your workplace, your desk, just the way you want. Forget the ever so small cubicle with the boss patrolling around. Consider you would have a full room at your disposal and you are allowed to set your imagination free. How would the room turn out to be?

Levitating Wood Coffee Table

Magnets. How do they work? Well, we won’t go into too much technical detail about the physics of things. All you really need to know is that this coffee table will never be down to earth and grounded in reality. Held together by magic and a bit of science, the table elastically deforms and stabilizes when force is applied. This is the … continue reading

Thinking about growing weed?

Leaf offers a state of the art Plug N’ Plant™ cannabis growing system. It allows you to grow marijuana in a fun and easy way, while letting the machines take care of all the hard work.

Bulbing Lamps With 3D Light Effect

Turning a boring object into an interesting figure is not an easy task, but manageable when one gets a brilliant idea. Talking about things that lighten up, BULBING lamps provide an interesting take on the casual home lighting applications. Instead of fiddling with new and expensive technology. With a kickstarter campaign that was funded in just 3 days and nominated … continue reading

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Robin Is The Smartest Smartphone Yet

Being built not as a smartphone killer but as a problem killer, Robin is the first smartphone built for the Cloud experience. There is no point in denying that no matter how high capacity modern smartphones are, at some point they will eventually run out of space, forcing you to delete data in order to make room for other. Robin … continue reading

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Calico Jack Rum

This post is sponsored by Calico Jack Rum® I never thought of myself as an ordinary lad. Being out of the typical order has been kind of my way, and I can give you reasons to believe it. I never liked to stay in the line, “in my place,” I mean, what is that place anyway? The thing is I … continue reading

Exploride Converts Vehicles Into Smart Cars

Talking about smart cars feels pretty ambiguous today. It has become quite difficult to understand what does a car have to be or what has to do in order to be “smart”. Can we have regular vehicles and make them smarter? Exploride says this is definitely possible, and for a small price actually. Started as a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo, … continue reading

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Ferrolic, The Liquid Clock

Quick facts check first: ferrofluid is a liquid that possesses the capability to become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It has been around for some years, but not until this presentation have I seen it put to such mesmerizing use. The creators call Ferrolic the place where digital meets nature. Ferrolic is a digital clock, which … continue reading

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Catalyst Waterproof Case For Apple Watch

Apple Watch became a literally overnight success, with lots of people emptying Apple Stores all over the world, for this product. However, as in the case of every new iPhone, it didn’t take long for the first broken Apple watches to appear. We are clumsy sometimes and jump into a water pool under the influence, without realizing that there’s a … continue reading

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