From cubicle workers to high-end executives and CEOs, everyone enjoys a good desk ornament. For those in love with raw power delivered to a set of four wheels threading rubber on the track, Ariel teamed up with Soul Models to create 1,500 pieces of a very intricate Ariel Atom model.


Exquisite and intricate

Built at a 1:18 scale, the model features a gold chassis paired with golden wheels over which a carbon fiber bodywork and side panels have been set. The colorway and design were carefully chosen to reflect the original car down to the finest details. Even the Atom plaque has been added on the seats of this model.



Soul Models haven’t been the first model rendering company to approach Ariel to work together on a model figure. However, as Ariel spokesperson┬áSimon Saunders mentions, most of them have given up when figuring out the actual level of complexity this project would require.

Limited edition Atom

As mentioned in the beginning, only 1,500 pieces are going to be built, so act fast if you want one resting on your desk or shelf. Price tag can be considered decent for such a masterpiece.