About & Advertising

Our site dates back to 2007 but don’t go searching for content from back then. HisPotion.com is a late bloomer, but let’s look at the bright side – imagine how many good ideas we managed to gather and test in the past 5 years to be able to launch the best men magazine online. We don’t like to brag too much about anything, so we’ll keep it short and informative, just like our articles.

We focus on three main categories:

  • cool stuff for guys (with a quick action button right after the presentation/review – the infamous Buy Button)
  • lifestyle – including tips, advices, how-to’s and all the good stuff for the modern men
  • women – because everybody loves good looking women.

Of course you’ll find a lot more on hispotion.com, with ease. We know how good discovering things feels, so we won’t ruin that for you.

We’re curious!

If you’re a producer, garage band, if you create handmade stuff in your grandma’s attic, and want some exposure, go ahead and Contact us!