Imagine if you had a smartphone that had none of the distractions or expensive frills of the Android and iPhone variety. Now imagine you lead a calm, peaceful, and more importantly, focused life, without the phone distracting you with notifications every other minute.

Your imagination has now come alive with the new-age BoringPhone.

An Answer To Our Prayers?

For a long time, ever since 3G then 4g came calling on our mobile handsets, most people have wished, deep down in their hearts, to have a communication device that will allow them to do the basic stuff without the information overload of the smartphones. The BoringPhone allows you to do just that.

You can text, call, click photos, even navigate your way through city streets with maps. What you may not be able to do is browse the net, check your email, and constantly check your social media feeds for the latest update.

Does it sound like your prayer has been answered?

A Smart ‘Boring’Phone

The developers behind the alternative phone are childhood friends, Alex Davidson and Jason Mackenzie. Their mission is to create a phone that balances the online and offline world for users, bringing about a balance in their personal lives as well.