Life has that fun little thing sometimes where we feel disorganized – like all the time. Similarly to how our minds become a kerfuffle, our phones sometimes tend to follow suit. After all, with all the apps all over the place and no time to organize it, it can lead to some frustrations. In a world where we use our smartphones to help organize orĀ lives, it usually seems the opposite.

What if there was a way to help your smartphone’s actions become more relevant? Instead of having to find maps whenever you hop in the car, what if it just popped open? Instead of trying to find your to-do listĀ app, what if opened up when you stepped into the house? What if, you could organize your smart based on where you are?

Introducing the Physical note taker, Dot! This ingenious little device is impressive to say the least. It’s been designed to help you organize the way your smartphone reacts to your physical location in the world. It does a myriad of things, depending on where you place it, you can have your phones connect to the dot and launch relevant apps for you!

One remarkable trait is the fact that it can launch and operate the smart objects in your home as well. The entire product is bluetooth based, so you can have it turn on your lights, and you television when you walk in from work for the day. That way when you finish the chores you need to do, you’ll be all set to chill. The Dot is the newest weapon in the war of organization!

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