One of the most important things in making good architectural plans is precision and neatness, so it is no wonder that someone decided to make a pen like this to help things along. Shigeru Ban, an architect from Japan has made this innovative product for Acme Studio. It is clear, once you take a look at it, that it is both a pen and a scale ruler. Shigeru Ban is famous for his work with paper, and he used recycled cardboard tubes to develop houses for disaster victims.

Precision and reusability


The pen itself if rectangle shaped, it has three equal sized sides and the great thing about it is that it is refillable so it could last you a long time. Another good thing is that it has both metric and imperial measures. It is made from aluminium, and I think that was a great decision because it makes the pen light and durable. Working with a light, stylish pen certainly makes things a lot easier for the person. And the pen works as a ballpoint, to turn it on you just need to twist the upper part.


All along the pen there are laser etched measurements so that that the architect can easily measure things as he works on the project. It comes in an elegant magnetic casing and it will be easy to carry it around with you.

But will it fit?


The one thing that I see as a potential problem is whether the pen is going to fit comfortably in your hand. It seems that it could be a little hard to get used to the shape of it in your hand, compared with standard pens.