The Cloud is a remarkable tool, and unless you know exactly how it works (does anybody?) it can be quite confusing at times. To help make things easier with the software extraordinaire, a product was released recently. This product allows actions to be taken one after the other. This product, called IFTTT, is forcing Microsoft to step up its game. Microsoft decides to show the world a BETA for an alternative to IFTTT. To top things off, they’ve given the software away for free as of this month.

This is a valid competitor as it follows a similar format, but has distinct differences. The Microsoft Flow is compatible with less apps, however, it allows for more actions to be taken at once. The Flow is for business users, whereas IFTTT is more for personal users. Microsoft has allowed the basics of the software to be free, but for the low price of 5$ a month, your software can be so much more than it already is!