Growing without contact

The future is here. And you don’t even need to be a plant lover to find this one of the most amazing ideas ever. It’s like something out of a futuristic film production. And in case you do enjoy growing things in your garden or in the comfort of your home this will blow your mind. Lyfe brought such a brilliant and breathtakingly beautiful product.

Simon Morris has created Lyfe – a system that allows plants to grow in a zero gravity environment. He says that he has always been interested in properties of matter and energy and their relationship with gravity and weightlessness. The outcome of his curiosity is an amazing product that actually cultivates plants mid-air.

Lyfe consists of a planter that levitates over an oak base due to magnetic force. And it all looks so stylish and sleek and modern. During suspension it gently rotates so the plant gets sunlight evenly during the day. A sort of 360 degrees sunlight exposure that ensures the vitality of the plant.

The effect of this rotating planter is so mesmerising you cannot stop looking at it. The designer has really done an awesome job. And the oak plant holder will go nicely with whichever style you have in your house.

Air Plants get all their nutrients from the air and they don’t actually need any soil to grow so they will benefit the most out of this product as they don’t have normal root systems like other household plants.
Some studies show that magnetic fields accelerate the ripening of certain fruit, so you can have an experiment of your own at home. Trying to plant some fruit and wait to see what happens, knowing that it will grow in zero-gravity environment.