Unless you have a Tesla, which purifies air on its own, after a while, your car’s interior starts to smell. Even if you employ the combined power of scented candles and air fresheners, the result may still lack magnitude. Furthermore, even if you can’t smell it, doesn’t necessarily mean that the air is clean.

Xiaomi proposes a small, dual-fan air cleaner that integrates seamlessly with any car. On one hand, it’s easy to install. Just attach it to the back of the headrest. On the other hand, it’s going to be a bit tricky to connect the cleaner to the 12V output.

However, once installed, you can just let it be. If it is strapped correctly, the air cleaner will stay in place even during bumpy rides. The dedicated Home MI app lets you change various parameters of the cleaner. It even lets you buy a new air filter with just one tap.

The two fans suck air through 3 sides of the cleaner and blow it out on the remaining surface. When working in Mute mode, Xiaomi Car Air Cleaner generates just 40 db and uses 6.5W of power. To better put it in perspective, it’s silent enough to let you catch some sleep while it’s on.

It takes 3 minutes to purify a small car, 5 minutes for an SUV and about 7 minutes for a family van. You can order Xiaomi Car Air Filter for $109.99.