In the rows of homes in London, lies a lonely brick house. It stands on Lambeth Lane, a home that lies bumper to bumper with it’s neighbors. The two story, stony grey home with the blue door has lied dormant for over ten years.

It’s original design was built for artisans living in the area. So after being unused for such a long time, Fraher faced quite the battle getting it ready. Fraher went in with the task of breathing new life into this once desolate home. It’s easy to tell that they’ve done a bang up job. After replacing all the wood on the fireplaces and the walls, they’ve really added a new edge to the home.

The ground floor of the home was opened up in a few areas, to help give the home a nice, large open feel to it. Almost an airy like sense of wonder now lies in the house. The Lambeth Marsh House has gone from a run down broken home, into anyone’s dream home.

One key thing to the restoration project was making sure that they kept the place in touch with its history, so much of the design of the house stayed the same. Blending the old and new was no easy feat of course. It requires a careful eye and a steady mind, and the amazing architects at Fraher Architects have managed to accomplish that goal ten fold. The Lambeth Marsh House has stood the test of time, and whoever picks up this home is one lucky individual.

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