Who doesn’t like a good spinning top? Whether you’re using it to better concentrate before taking a decision or just fidgeting away dead times, it feels great. I remember having my first contact with spinning tops in the era of beyblades.

A rugged surface rips the joy from a spinning top. Enthusiasts know you can make a spinning top rotate for up to 15 minutes. It just takes practice and a handful of quality and rare (ish) materials. What FlatTop adds to the mix is comfort.

With around 12 minutes of spin time, it may not break a record. However, FlatTop feels great at touch and doesn’t really take much space in your pocket. It’s 1.5″ in diameter, so you won’t mistake it for a coin.

The Buffalo nickel kept its design for over 100 years now. For this reason, each FlatTop comes with a pressed nickel on top. The result is a mixture of timeless design and beautiful yet minimalistic rotational mechanics.

Plan on gifting the FlatTop? Guys back at Butterfield Machine have custom boxes and info cards ready to be wrapped together with the spinning top.

Check out this video of FlatTop spinning time: