For Men Only

What if I tell you shaving can become easier than ever? RZR is a company developing the best solutions for shaving products. For men only. Their blade system was tinkered thoroughly enough to make it look like something new, unique, not only to the eye, but to the face.

The blades are specially placed to bring a larger contact area between your face and the blades themselves. It’s in their concept that a hinge would become superflous, so they eliminated any moving part, like a flexball, giving your wrist the liberty to make all the necessary actions. Shaving will be different with RZR.

RZR System Means Smart Grooming

The best part of this is the design. Modern, completely the opposite of what you’re expecting. Surgical steel is used to make the RZR. With this new outlook shaving is different, but better. It’s essentially what shaving should be, an activity completed with ease, without spending time thinking how to do it straight. So far, the RZR system is only a Kickstarter project, but if you get on board with it, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

RZR’s premium quality blades are made from a metal alloy of the highest quality. This means shaving is extra-easy, while comfortable and secure. No chemicals, lubricants or any other extra additives are needed. Also, your eco-footprint is reduced, because your new shaving system will last longer, with a lifelong warranty on the holder.



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