The original Gerber Mark II fighting knife was designed by US Army Captain Bud Holzman. The legendary blade was carried by most US troops during the Vietnam War. The Gerber knife was only surpassed by the Ka-Bar.

Whichever the circumstances, the Gerber brand survived over the decades and is now paying homage to its origins via G1-002, a high-end, hardcore knife.

Gerber represents a pioneer in the knife making industry. The company has been crafting high-end knives for decades. The G1-002 limited edition is the epitome of their fixed blade models and boasts the ultimate level of craftsmanship.

The base of the knife rests in the S60V spear-point blade. The blade is fully polished and full fine edged. Zev Technologies brought in technology to develop the handle with unique aesthetic machined pattern and top of the line grip.


The Kydex sheath comes with click-in retention and comes with vertical or horizontal belt carry option.

Each knife takes roughly a dozen hours to produce, assemble and verify by two distinct individuals. Gerber only plans to create 100 units, so if you want one, you better hurry. The G1-002 is available on Gerber for $400. All knives are fully made and shipped from US.


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