Back when Amazon had the idea of delivering packages using drones, many people were skeptical. How could a drone carry a laptop? What about colliding with birds? Even more, how about running out of fuel? Fortunately, technology develops as we speak. Drones have become larger, sturdier and less power-hungry. The sky’s the limit, for now.

Griff Aviation proposes a solution accepted by European Aviation Agency and US Federal Aviation Administration. The Griff 300 is a big hauler. With 8 propellers, it can lift up more than the usual package weight. Furthermore, its bigger brother, the Griff 800 tops up at 1.760 lbs (800 kg)!

The drone can stay in the air for up to 45 minutes between charges. It boasts a sturdy look, with rough finishing.¬†We still however, wait for an official price. The official website does not provide too much info. However, I personally can’t wait to see an FedEx steel Griffin delivering my goods

Next time you are expecting a fast delivery, you might want to look at the sky rather than the road.