When somebody sets his office up, he mostly thinks about the looks, but forgets about the most important part, the usability. This happens because they either don’t know about the existence of some gadgets or they underestimate their usefulness. Today, we will present you a few gadgets that might make your life a lot easier and improve your experience.

  • Synelogy Diskstation DS1517+

Most people underestimate the need of backups. Yes, they are expensive, whether you use a cloud service or a home NAS, but they are very important as well. I’m sure that the projects you worked on for many months, or your family photos are much more valuable that the monthly fee or the initial investment in a NAS. If you choose to go „the independent way”, we recommend the Synelogy Diskstation DS1517+. It is just the perfect tool for a medium to intensive user, the category where most office clerks find themselves. It features space for 5 hard-disks which can get you up to 50TB of storage space. Besides, the NAS is modular, meaning that you could add another 10 hard-drives using an extension unit. With an Intel Atom C2538 quad-core 2.4GHz processor, it surely doesn’t lack the processing capacity needed to fulfill its functions fast and reliable.

  • LumiCharge LED Smart Lamp

There are some things that every office has to have, such as a calendar, a clock and a lamp. But why not getting them all in one single, beautifully designed gadget? This is where the Lumicharge Lamp comes in. At first, it looks like a normal lamp, but looks are deceiving. It is more than that. It features a digital display where things like the hour, the temperature and the date are shown, and underneath that you have a neat, universal charger for your smartphone. The product has been invented by an Indian who funded the development through a fundraising campaign.

  • DUST WARS R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

Things always get messy when you break a cookie and the pieces fall on your desk. You have to stop your intensive working session in order to clean the mess you’ve made up, which means wasting precious time. Why not having a little, „incognito” gadget that will make your office life a lot easier? I’m sure that R2-D2 will help you vacuum the crumbs when it isn’t saving lives or repairing spaceships. Besides, when you don’t use it, R2-D2 will be just a decorative toy on your desk.