Denon Design Series

The Denon Design Series is branded as the „real Hi-Fi for today’s lifestyles” by its own creators. And it is all for good reason, this concept mixes conventional and modern in a sophisticate, delicate way, while pleasing your appetite for modernity and a touch of class. How would you like to play music through an NFC or Bluetooth compatible design at a quality made possible only by the old school characteristics of a sound system? The Denon performance is here, make no mistake, they have the experience of moving deep inside the field for more than a century and they love to display it with every chance they got.

The Design Series is made out of three different components, blending and mingling with each other to bring out to the surface what we like to call unmatched quality. At first, there is the DRA-100 Network receiver offering you diverse playback options, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi for music streaming. Going so far only, the potential has become limitless, but it’s just the beginning. AirPlay, Bluetooth and other analogue inputs are available too. Internet radio is at your feet, you can choose your destination for a good time. The Denon Hi-Fi Remote App makes controlling the DRA-10 easier for all those who use an Apple or Android device.

Fields Of Gold

Along the DRA-100 Network receiver, comes the PMA-50 Class-D amplifier and the DCD-50 CD Player. These two team up and bring you the more classical approach, the witty and charming side for those who like it retro. The PMA-50 full digital stereo amplifier make a quality CD so enjoyable. The range goes as far as MP3 or WMA tracks. Bluetooth, NFC and USB are included in the PMA-50, so don’t kid yourself, if you want it all, here it is.

The looks, the features, the history, they all recommend the Denon Design Series. Our words are just here to compliment reality.