There are some inventions that make you sit there going…what? There also inventions that are just really freaking cool. As a result of the work put into this ingenious design, that falls in the latter category. This 24-inch screen takes away the really big issue that would follow portable screens, CRACKED GLASS. This adjustable design is made from a flexible polymer that doesn’t crack or break. So essentially, the SPUD as it’s called, won’t just get destroyed.

The solid benefit of owning this screen is also its collapsible and lightweight nature. It can collapse down to the size of a book. The total 2 lbs makes this remarkably amazing screen even more likable. Also, it’s quite easy to operate the SPUD, you just connect it to whatever device you’d like to transfer the image from. The price isn’t even bad either, while it’s no number to shake at $499, is a solid gift to yourself if you’re looking to bump up that tech game of yours!

For more information check out the kickstarter!

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