Did you lock the door before leaving for work this morning? It feels like hell when this idea slithers in your mind. Gate Studios came with a solution for this issue and few others. This connected smart lock features multiple ways of unlocking. It allows usage in private properties but also for public locations like stores or bars.

Gate is controlled remotely by phone, through a key combination, a motion activated camera or a wi-fi connection. This way, you can let people in remotely, either by unlocking Gate through your smartphone or by providing a temporary passkey. This system is designed to integrate major courier companies. Gate delivers a one-time access key for registered courier companies. The code is available just for the day of the delivery.

The lock uses its motion detector sensor to keep track of everyone going in and out of your home or office. The case of Gate is built from reinforced steel. It is able to resist against forced entry and also aid police in case of a theft. The system works with Android and iOS devices through its dedicated app. You may back the product on Indiegogo ($249).


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