Leaks and other house damages are a mess, especially when you find so late about them. Furthermore, security systems comprised of cameras can usually only do so much. Taking a glance at the intruder won’t help too much in case of a home invasion. It’s even worse if you leave for vacation or a business trip. Notion promises to solve annoying home issues as well as improve your home security.

The system works by making your home interconnected. You apply universal sensors all around your house then connect them to the bridge. From that point, the bridge gathers information and delivers it to your mobile phone. Notion sensors capture movement as well as other data input. You can check out if you closed the front door, garage door or if you turned off the oven before leaving. Apply the sensor directly on the glass of the window to detect break-ins or simply opened windows.

Notion’s sensors gather temperature information and can replace a smart thermostat that has been badly placed. You will be able to monitor the temperature of your wine cellar or storage room without having to actually go there. Smoke alarms are useless if there’s no one to hear them. Notion can detect smoke or loud sounds and send an alert to your phone.

The best part about Notion connected home system is that it doesn’t require any electronics experience. All sensors are universal and no programming is required. Only the bridge requires a power outlet; the oreo-shaped sensors are designed to last 2 years in normal working conditions. The smartphone app works on Android 4.3+ and iOS 8+. Fortunately, alerts are customizable in terms of frequency and amount.

Future innovations from Notion will include keg and propane tanks monitoring as well as IFTTT integration for even better alert processing and management. Shop now with discount code INTHEKNOW Р10%

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