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The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

One of the most frustrating things for professional athlete is, without a doubt, is the inability to communicate with whatever team you happen to be working with. Think about it, Rock Climbers cannot speak to the team on the ground by any easy means. Bikers can’t really hear each other over the sound of rushing wind, it’s maddening at times.

So Bonx finally set out to accomplish this goal. After a series of tests and an indiegogo financing platform, they are finally putting together the product. At this moment, their indiegogo campaign is 70% of the way to their goal. But what exactly is the product their advertising?

Bonx has developed an easy to use, hands free Walkie Talkie system driven through both the speaker and an app! The app basically searches for phones that have the same app and brings them up on screen. This allows you to start a conversation with anyone, and even put up to ten people in a group conversation at once!

The Walkie Talkie works as simply as possible, all you need to do is speak into the earpiece, and it picks up immediately! With two huge buttons for muteĀ and volume control, they’ve really stream-lined the design to be as simple as possible. As for worrying about hearing the people on the other end, the talkie is designed in such a way that you don’t hear anything. The noise isolation and the many color selections really introduces a valued product at a solid price that’s just too good to pick up!

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