Another Round

We all enjoy tap beer more, right, guys? Tap beer is manly, is a way of saying “another round” without actually spelling it, because who goes out for just one single beer? But we can’t enjoy the special taste of a draught at home, because of the foam, which, you’re right, is missing.

The problem is, if it’s too much of it, having a cold one becomes more of a fight than enjoyment, but if it’s completely missing, the issue at hand is even worse. You see, it’s been proven that the foam gives beer a better, improved taste. The head is always important, folks, never forget this.

This is what motivated the team behind Fizzics. They were scientifically driven to give you the refreshing taste of tap beer at home, with your buddies, watching the game. You can forget about the designated driver lottery, the too much crowded spaces, reservation making stories and just enjoy beer!

Tap Beer – On the Way

Purchase Fizzics and unlock the next level. This toy doesn’t use any nitrogen or CO2 cartridges. With only four AA batteries, you receive “enhanced aromatics”, top quality service.

It’s very easy to carry around, weighing only around 1.5kg, so you can put it everywhere around on the house, or take it with you when traveling, wherever it serves you best. The problem is, we don’t know yet how cold the beverage remains while inside, which, ultimately, could prove to be a deal breaker.

You can use 0.5L/0.33L beer cans, small bottles, big bottles, made of plastic or glass, just make sure it’s under 64 US ounces (something around 1.9L). Just buy the beer, place it inside by only lifting a top, and let it go to work.

After this well mastered engineering process you are ready to tap and enjoy life! Seriously, guys, just buy the tap beer maestro and give a whole new meaning to your beer drinking experience, we strongly recommend you to, it’s already shipping worldwide.


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