Vinyl records are not the highest quality audio media, that’s a fact. However, there’s a certain flair and pleasure into listening to music like in the old days. Just watch the disk spin and music waving. LOVE Turntable is bringing a modern twist in the mix, without compromising on visuals.

It is basically a portable vinyl player. It’s not the first of it’s kind, but for now it’s the most techy. Above all that, it’s also good looking. You place LOVE Turntable over your disk and it will automatically start spinning it and play the songs.

This turntable is providing smartphone integration. The dedicated app lets you play, pause and skip songs, change rpm. The app can also display the cover of the disk. Furthermore, you may also directly connect LOVE Turntable to headphones or speakers via Bluetooth. Connection is possible also directly, via 3.5mm jack cable or RCA Bluetooth adapter.

A traditional stylus is used to play the songs, maintaining the original vinyl analog sound. The rest is hi-tech but doesn’t alter the sound.

Love Turntable is also providing a great, sleek design. The unibody top shines and flows in a tear-shape. Support this project on kickstarter for $329 and you will get one turntable and two vinyl supports.