How would you like to warp up to Sci-Fi tech and use any surface as a touch screen. When it was first presented by Sony, the Touch Projector was buggy. However, almost a year later, the electronics giant did huge improvements and officially launched The Xperia Touch.

The projector can either vertical or horizontal surfaces to touchscreen. However, the efficiency drops severely for any surface larger than 80 inches diagonally. Sony is promising work is done to fix the issue. Anyway, 80 inches is a lot, and for most of the time, anything around 30″ is enough. Basically, you can swipe through your facebook feed on the kitchen table while having a coffee.

To attain this magic, Xperia Touch uses infrared arrays and a 60 fps camera. The movements are captured and then translated to the projected screen. Really fast movements won’t probably be very well caught by the array or the camera.

Because it is running Android, Xperia Touch is featured with the full might of Google Play. Users can download all compatible apps and use them directly.

Sony will sell the projector for about $1,600. Since the price is quite high, the demand won’t be huge. On the other hand, this gadget shows Sony’s power to bring something new.