The Stahl Firepit Will Mature And Differentiate Itself As Time Passes By

The Stahl Firepit is an American made way to spend quality time chilling outside. When you manage to gather the right people beside you, ideas on how to have a good time will start to flow. If you’re thinking about a warm glow to light up your evenings, this firepit will take it right next to you. The Stahl Firepit is made from manually selected and refined A36 hot rolled steel. In time, as it matures, the steel will develop a beautiful patina, giving it a sense of style so different from what you’re used to.

At first, when bought, the natural color of it is a dark blue, which in time will turn itself to an autumn gold. The first golden tint should be acquired by the end of the first season spent outdoor by it. Everything is, of course, climate dependent. It’s a sensitive way of aging, looking more and more authentic as time passes, because there will be no two Stahl Firepits looking the exact same way.

Exquisite Design, Classy Concept

With the accent put on quality multiplied by time passed by, the Stahl Firepit is designed to resist in front of any exposure. The steel is intentionally non-powder coated and free from any artificial treatments. This allows the natural aging process to complete itself without forcing it. The materials where chosen so, that they will protect themselves from bad weather. Like this, it will last a lifetime.

It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. No tools are required for either action. The firepit is a five piece construction, with no screws to sort out. Each piece is cut with high precision, with everything easily falling into the right place.  The collection contains three items: the Stahl Firepit, the Patio Pit and the Camper. Different dimensions, but the same beautiful concept. Each brings a notion of coziness and a special smell of a warmth welcome to your garden or backyard.


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