Cognac lovers rejoice! Book lovers rejoice as well! An exclusive art book can now adorn your precious reading collection. Inspired by the Louis XIII Cognac, ACC Art Books has released the Louis XIII: The Thesaurus.

Flip open the pages and you will be greeted by crystal quality images of the rich liquor. The impressive visual imagery is heightened by wordplay that draws you into the brand’s heritage.

Brand New Book, Rich Old Cognac

Rather than just tell the same old story, the art book attempts to create an immersive experience for the reader. “Disregarding conventional storytelling devices, this art book reflects the perpetual cycle of time, celebrating the history and mystery of the LOUIS XIII cognac legacy,” stated ACC Art Books. A quick glance through the premium pages confirm what the publisher has aimed to achieve.

Lous XIII: The Thesaurus brings together original illustrations and exclusive photographs of the spirit’s making. You will also find authentic stories that trace the cognac’s journey through the 1900 Paris World’s Fair to a journey on the Orient Express.

 A Collector’s Item

The gold embossed cover and the exquisite printing makes the art book a must have item. Imagine sipping on your favourite as you read outs fascinating story. The creative re-telling of the brand’s history is priced at $175.