Big news in the industry of awesome audio guys, the so popular P7 by Bowers & Wilkins’ goes wireless. We love these headphones, mainly because of their high end quality, making them arguably one of the best choices available right now. A 4.1 Bluetooth sytem gives any audiophile the possibility to stream music and other audio from a smartphone, tablet or a PC/laptop prepared for gaming.

The battery cycle is aimed at around seventeen hours of playback, consistent with any standard. Not having to worry about when the cable will get damaged and render your gadget useless is a magic trick you can afford. The P7 is the flagship of Bowers & Wilkins’, and one might say that they came a little too late at the party of wireless designs. Not true. If it’s made by them, it’s a huge success.

Aluminum parts make them light yet resilient, with an advantage when it comes to looks. Not a single curve is too edgy and not a single corner is too strict. I like them personally, they fit my style and should fit yours too. The audio set is surrounded by a memory foam, all being covered in soft luxurious sheep leather, a duo of comfort and attention in terms of both design and quality.

For every reason you can think of not to lay your hands on a pair, I can give you at least two for which you should totally do it. So get it now.

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