Back in the day, DJ-ing was more than just beat matching songs. The style was all-important as well as the design of the „desk”. Deejays used to color and wallpaper the hell out of their turntables. In my opinion, modern consoles and DJ equipment sets lack a personal touch. The all over metal cover is shiny, but that’s about it.

On the other hand, various multimedia brands have overkilled the design. After all Hello Kitty decals aren’t exactly the way to start a techno rave party. Com Four DJ Console brings mid century design back to the scene. This DJ console is using a wooden frame to hold the vinyl players and the mixer. Below, there is enough space to hold more than a dozen vinyls, ready to come into play.

Keep about 350 records at your fit, ready to make the switch. Com Four DJ Console features an interchangeable design, allowing you to fit your own equipment. The console is available in two color versions. Choose yours and order from Hoerboard starting at $2,330.