Modern world can be very stressful sometimes. Our lives are hectic and usually, lack proper time to relax. We get used to this way of life and soon enough we find it to be normal, but it is certainly not. Stress is not good for our body, neither for our mind.

Just think how much more energy you would have if you only knew how to let stress go away. And with this new Melomind headset you can. All you need to do is put on the headset and you’ll be on your way to something better.


A French team created this amazing product because they wanted to improve the wellbeing of the general public. They combined their knowledge of neuroscience and technology to make this happen.


Neurofeedback is the core of the Melomind headset – it is an information loop that travels between EEG sensors and the training program of the Melomind app. In this way your brain is trained as the app is fed constant information. This generates a soundwave that is responding to your brainwaves in real time. You will learn how to efficiently relax, and all you need to do is choose what sort of music you want to do it to.


The designers of the headphones made sure that you can use them as regular headphones as well so the electrodes are detectable. It has memory foam in the speakers and normal foam all along the headband.

The app has a simple and elegant design that anyone can use with ease and it will track your progress over time and will adapt its functions to your needs.