The Amazing WRENCHit

The guys from Mininch, come back after the successes they had with Tool Pen and Tool Pen mini, in order to close out and sort out their trilogy of awesome tools. Only this time, there is no pen involved, but a wrench, called WRENCHit. Specifically, it’s a modular wrench kit. A portable and multi-functional spanner, this is what you get for your money, but the bang is the impressive difference from any other project like this you might have ever seen before.

The same “Pop-A-Point” design that Tool Pens employed is available on WRENCHit. This means letting you select and interchange between wrenches, all bearing different sizes, and, of course, shapes, everything while cycling through. The channel (they like to call it “sleeve”) is easy to define as user friendly. It will give you the possibility to slide the wrenches in and out without any trouble at all. It is a resilient and sturdy arm allowing the user to apply the necessary torque when using the wrench to turn an object around its axis.

Flexible And Durable, A Must Have Kit

The flexibility such an object can confer is undoubtedly incredible. You will eliminate the toolkit or tool boxes you are forced to carry with you when you need a little repair to your bicycle, furniture, appliances or many other. The application range is endless. Of course, a bottle opener is included. Flexible and on the go, WRENCHit is one of the most amazing kits we’ve seen in the last while.

Each WRENCHit can carry up to 5 wrenches at a time, with 15+ most-frequently used functions already created. Personally, as the project will expand, I imagine more and more sizes and shapes of wrenches will become available. Both the sleeve and the wrenches are made of high-grade “SUS 420 Stainless Steel”, a declaration of how strong and well executed this item is. Speaking of durability, I don’t see it any other way than being a high quality buy. Each wrench is engraved with the size and the spec, easing the job on you when deciding which one will fit best.


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