The iPhone 12 is a pricey, precious phone. And what is precious certainly needs to be protected. Now most of us will know the feeling of a brand new phone slipping out of our hands. Like it has a mind of its own. But fear not anymore, Survivor is here.  

More Than Just Protection 

The new collection of Survivor cases are a bit like the iPhone 12: It provides state of the art protection, and some more. 

First, the protection. The reinforced rectangle not only ensures Grade A protection, but also better stability. How? By providing better grip for your fingers. 

Next comes the seek nature of the case. You longer need to compensate thinness for max protection. Survivor combines the two in a practical, stylish manner. Plus you have the MagSafe capabilities that attach multiple accessories to the iPhone. 

Perhaps the best feature of the Survivor is a testament to the current times we live in. The protective case features a 99% anti-microbial defence. You don’t have to worry about catching any real-world virus from the phone.

Sets The Benchmark      

Survivor has set the benchmark for iPhone 12 cases. And their mid-range pricing certainly makes the collection a great accessory for your smartphone.