Watching your favourite tv show or movie at home can always feel a bit distracting. The outdoor light is too bright, the indoor light is too dull. Or your neighbour may be playing their favourite song in full blast. The Cinera Edge is set to remove all distractions for good.

Next Generation Entertainment

There has always been talk of immersive entertainment experience. The Cinera Edge walks the talk. Think: virtual reality headset paired with a noise cancelling headphones.

At first glance, the device does look like it popped up from the future. The smooth monochromatic design is gorgeous. The impressive visual design is backed by some stellar technical additions.

You have a dual 2.5K micro-OLED that streams sharp, vibrant pictures. The screen manages to upgrade the visual form without compromising on widescreen experience. Playing the role of the perfect partner is a Dolby DigitalĀ® certified headphone. With 5.1 channels of surround sound, you will hardly miss hearing a heartbeat.

Next Generation Comfort

VR headsets can sometimes feel a bit clunky and heavy. With the Cinera Edge, you get all day wearable comfort. Plus its compact size allows you to carry it just about anywhere.

You can now binge watch movies, tv shows, and even play your favourite games wherever you are.