Property security becomes a bigger concern as days go by. Surveillance cameras seem to be the optimum choice for first-line defense against robberies and home invasions. However, less than 20% of US homes feature one.

Why is that? Well, for one, you need to set it up. Drilling holes, stretching cables, connecting to a video capture system. If you go for a wireless version, then the battery will become the main issue.

The EverCam project on Kickstarter promises to solve these issues. The team is proposing a wireless surveillance camera with smart features and a year’s worth of autonomy. To provide such a long battery life, EverCam partnered with Anker – an industry leader in terms of charging.

The rate of false alarms is reduced via a 3-step scanning system. The system allows the camera to discern between animals and actual people. You can go as far as register your own face and your friend’s faces. Then, the camera will know not to alert when either of you goes by. On a side note, just make sure you know who your friends really are.

Hardware-wise, the camera comes with a 140-degree wide angle lens and f2.2 large aperture integrated in a Sony sensor. Alongside, there is offline and cloud-based storage available. Furthermore, a battery is integrated in the base station to preserve alert and alarm functions for two days, even if the power is down.

Get the EverCam on Kickstarter for $219+.