Cellular network is the de rigueur channel that carries communication and data across the globe. That’s how a person in Texas can know of what’s happening in Timbuktu right on his smartphone.

WiFi exists too, but in a more ‘indoor’ network, either at home or at work. What if the humble wi fi could be transformed into a global communication channel, much like the cellular, on a fraction of the infrastructure and costs?

LongFi – The Superhero Wi Fi

If regular wi fi can be compared to Clark Kent, then Helium’s LongFi is certainly Superman with the red cape and the red you know what. At 1/1000th the cost of a cellular modem, the LongFi offers 200x range through small, yet powerful, peer-to-peer (P2P) hotspots.

What this means is that you can stream data from nearby sensors, track stolen vehicles, even find missing pets who wear tech collars. The best part is that people who own and operate a Helium Hotspot earn digital cryptocurrency: A touch of the future in the present.

The Way Forward

Just like P2P networks like Napster democratised music over the internet, Helium’s LongFi aims to do the same with data networks.

Cellular… you better watch out.