Keeping analog input keyboards up to industry standards is no easy task. The Wooting One campaigns proved to be particularly successful and delivered an efficient mechanical keyboard. However, just as always, there is room for improvement.

As Wooting project founders mention, there have been countless demands coming from kickstarter supporters to include a numpad and multiple color schemes. These being said, there you have it: Wooting Two, a fully sized mechanical analog keyboard featuring a numpad.

Quick overview

The analog feature of a keyboard definitely aids gamers. For those unfamiliar with the concept, analog keys let you modulate an action while pressing a key. Think for a second about your favorite racing game. You could modulate the speed of the car just by easing on the up key. Another good example is shooting games where you can switch between walking and running without the need for a modifier key (usually LShift or Alt).

Fast typists will also enjoy the sound, feel and the almost 0 input lag of a mechanical keyboard. As I am writing this piece, it happens that some letters may not be registered by the digital keyboard I’m using. Thus, I need to go back and correct the word, wasting time.

Wooting two comes with per-key RGB system. This means you are able to change the color display of every key and generate some of the fanciest patterns when typing. It’s all down to creativity and spare time at this point.

Embedded profiles

Wooting Two offers the possibility to register up to 4 gaming profiles. Profiles include analog sensing tweaks, actuation points as well as some other features waiting to be discovered. Wooting Two keyboard is available as a Kickstarter early bird for about $147