Having a piece of equipment like a drone means that you need to have good quality backpack to carry it in. In recent times drones and quadcopters have gotten much more accessible to the public and anyone interested in aerial photography and video can buy one and use it to make amazing things. This means that new challenges arise and the industry needs to meet them. Like making a backpack that can keep the equipment safe and protected from any weather.


Getting an amazing shot means you need to go to an amazing location, and this usually means walking through rough terrain, and with this Lowepro backpack your drone will stay dry and in one piece.


Rigid FormShell construction from which the frame of the backpack is made will keep the gear inside safe and impact-resistant. And the backpack is light which is an extremely good thing is you are walking a long way to your location. The FormShell construction can also act as a launch-pad for your drone. The backpack also has many other useful features like a top pocket that protects your tablet / POV monitor or any other fragile gear. The rest of the backpack is made from durable, water-repellent materials. And in case of extreme conditions the attached All Weather AW Cover will protect you from water, sand, snow and dust.


The backpack is designed by pilots for pilots and they know that you need space for any possible additional piece of equipment or spare part so there is room for all of this and in a way that will keep your stuff organized and neat. So whether you are walking through snow or a desert you and your drone will be prepared.