Welcome To The 3Democracy

The future belongs to 3D printing. This method of creating material has limitless potential. From medicine to improved infrastructure, 3D printing will, in time, become a vital part of our lives. This is why it’s important for each and every one of us to know and understand the basic principles of putting a 3D printer to work. This is where OLO comes into play. OLO is the first such device fully controllable via your smartphone. It’s also extremely portable, you can have one around with you, without asking too much questions as to where it should fit best.

This smartphone printer is called a 3Democracy, and it’s capable of building 1cm in approximately 46 minutes and 1″ in less than two hours. It is already maneuverable via the iOS, Android or Windows Phone. For the past two years, the team behind OLO spent a lot of time in the lab, perfecting the mechanics, engineering the micro-chips, lowering the dimensions of everything in order to fit in such a small case. They also discovered a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins.

The Process Making OLO Functional

The whole idea is simple. First of all, you need a screen with a size lower than 5.8″. Most smartphones these days are just fine. Secondly, you put the smartphone inside the printer’s baseline modulator. Using the app, you tap on Print, pour the resin of your choice, seal the printer and watch magic in motion. Any 3D software of your choice will do, if compatible with OLO’s application. Of course, inside the app, you will find many prefigured models. The resins are daylight photopolymers available in 4 materials and 5 colors. So far, the printer is available in shadow-gray (limited edition for all KS supporters), scarlet-red, sapphire-blue, alu-silver when in production.

Anyone can use OLO. From newbies to professionals at work, everyone is welcome to try and enjoy OLO. It’s quiet, runs on battery, (the very first in the world to do so) it’s so easily maintainable and you can say goodbye to manual leveling or calibration. So make sure you check on their Kickstarter project page and prepare for when the final model will be released and shipped.


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