Bromance goes a long way with the right bro. While we men don’t generally care about gifts, it’s  sometimes nice seeing a tiny bit of attention. If you’ve already chose a gift idea for your wife or girlfriend, take a shot at these awesome bro gifts.

Depending on how much you’re ready to spend, here are three christmas gifts suitable for your best buddy.

1. EDC: Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife ($15)

Even if your bro isn’t facing survival risks, an everyday-carry knife is still useful when it comes to cracking a cold one for example. The knife is lightweight and easy to pack. Moreover, it doesn’t break the bank. Available or GerberGear for $15.

2. Desk: Mahogany Charging Station and Valet ($159)

Got that always-classy bro who’s worth it? You better check out this just as classy charging station made out of wood. With 3 charging ports and various deposit areas, it makes for a great desk ornament. However, make sure it actually fits with the rest of the furniture, okay?

Go the extra mile and get a personalized copy from for $159.

3. Experience: Driving a Ferrari ($388+)

Here’s to the need for speed! Make some of the best memories of 2017 with a couple of laps in a Ferrari 458 Italia. Depending on the location, this will set you back a few hundred bucks. However, it’s likely to prove fully worth it.

Generally, your buddy will be held for a quick safety course by a certified instructor then free to lap along a circuit behind the wheel of a 450 hp supercar. Check out more details on cloud9.

Whichever path you choose to take, we’re confident bros around the world will appreciate the effort. What’s your pick? Get back to us on Facebook – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What other awesome gift ideas have you thought of for your bro?