Skaters and surfers that can afford it tend to move to places where they can exercise their skills and enjoy from some quality time on their skates or surfboards. All they need are the skates or the surfboards, a ramp or some waves and good weather, but has anybody ever thought of getting the privileges of both parties? How about a house located on a beach that has an indoor skating ramp already built?

The Merello Halfpipe House is the dream home of every surfing or skating enthusiast, with a surface of no more than 2100 square foot. The house is situated in a Chilean beach town, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its interesting name comes from the outstanding halfpipe skateboard that was arranged in the back side of the house.

The house is centered around an indoor-outdoor halfpipe and it has been painstakingly designed to protect the home from astronomically high tides and even tsunamis. The entire interior of the home is surrounded by handsome floor to ceiling glass and it’s suspended in a stilt-like manner.  The home also hosts a massive deck that wraps around the halfpipe and absorbs the bright Chilean sunshine really productively due to its terrace-style roof and sliding glass doors. Also, all the living quarters, the dining room and the kitchen are placed on the second level, providing protection from any potential water damage while maximizing the coastal views.

The home belongs to a professional surfer instead of a skater and is was built by WMR Architects, whose professional work can be seen in the projection of this unique and well prepared for any weather house.