Primarily the colour white represents purity, positivity and cleanliness. It is also said to represent innocence and goodness as opposed to the black and darkness its mortal foe.

However, colour perception is not the same for everyone, but most people can appreciate the beauty of architecture and engineering. 

A Japanese couple that have turned their home into somewhat of an exhibition and the centrepiece is their white Maserati GranTurismo. 

Their entire home is white because the colour is considered the most suitable for Feng Shui, which is the art of arranging your environment to create perfect harmony. 

Their home is a modern construction and is built to allow light to penetrate every single nook and cranny. You will be hard pushed to find shadow or darkness anywhere in the house.

On the contrary, some think white can feel cold, bland, and sterile, which are not qualities most people desire. However, this couple seems to have struck the perfect balance as they have broken up the entire space with tasteful furniture and paintings.

If your life is crowded and hectic, a white environment can restore calmness and clarity of thought. Even if you can’t afford a Maserati, consider introducing the colour into your life to help you relax, unwind and assess your life and your future.