With smartphones getting bigger and wider, it’s becoming difficult to maintain them in a scratch-free state. Furthermore, aluminium finishes tend to be really slippery. And the last thing you want is having your iPhone 7 slide out of your hand and onto the concrete. Of course, you can always buy a case. There are plenty of iPhone 7 cases around, some even promising shock-proof features. Unfortunately, the stronger it is, the thicker it becomes.

Totalee designed The Scarf, an iPhone 7 case for the minimalist lovers. And it’s as thin as it gets: just 0.02″ or 0.5 millimeters thin. The Scarf is available for all versions of iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. On each version, the case fits perfectly with the design of the phone. Furthermore, the construction of the case ensures proper grip by means of a rugged design. Translucent material within the case allow your phone’s details to shine through; really making you feel there’s actually no case there.

The Scarf is available in five colorways: white, gray, black, navy blue and burgundy red. The thermoplastic polymer is what allows the case to so thin, yet provide proper protection against dust and debris. The main goal of Totalee was to design a case that blends with the phone while keeping it safe. As you can see, the result is astonishingly well finished.

Available on Totalee starting at $19.