For those GoPro enthusiasts which are not interested in owning the full drone package, Karma Grip is finally available separately. For those whom are not familiar with the concept, let’s have a look at what Karma Grip actually is.

Given the pictures, you might think of it as a fancy selfie stick. However, that’s wrong. Karma Grip provides a high-tech stabilization system for GoPro Cameras. It was initially available with GoPro drone package. Now, whether you are biking, running, skydiving or just chasing your kids on the playground, videos will look smooth and awesome.

Need to recharge the stabilizer or the camera? It’s possible to charge the grip and the camera without dismounting the system.

The stabilizer is composed of two parts: the handle and actual stabilizing system. The device is compatible with the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session. However, you must separately acquire the harness for the latter camera.

While out-of-stock at the moment, Karma Grip is expected to return soon, retailing for $349.99.