This is a Roland Music-Tutor 80s. Pretty cool for its time, definitely a collectible for the old-age lover. However, this is not your usual boombox you see in Bomfunk MC’s Freestyler. Instead, this strangely piece is used solely to play Floppy disks. You know, the one that has died to become the icon of saving.

But why floppy disks?

The first answer that comes in mind is „why the hell not?!”. We can all agree that the time of floppy disks is long dead. However, if you do still have some MIDI files buried in a pile of floppy disks beneath the desk, now’s your chance to play them!


It’s not all about the floppy disk reader. This custom MT80 also comes around with a classy metronome so you can count the BPM of your tracks.

Aspiring musicians or fresh starters will be the first ones to appreciate the idea of de-constructing tracks into musical channels. And over everything, this boombox looks good enough to expose it in your living room, or at least your mancave.