We Talk About a Smart Arm

Improvements for various human activities are, basically, the reason we strive to improve robots or other machinery, thus making our lives easier, faster and even longer. The main fear factor we have to take into consideration is the possibility that, one day, robots would take our place. There is simply not enough time to argue why this is just wrong, so don’t try and convince us to do it. Instead, we recommend you to rejoice, as the robotic third arm is here to improve the so-so sick drumming beats.

The researchers at Georgia Tech developed and matured a wearable extra limb, which not only plays along as set to, but is intuitive, reads on the music and make it sound many times better. We can admit we talk about a smart arm, which, in time, I am sure will get to complete many other actions when we want it to. So it is not merely mirroring the sound but more exactly the tempo.

Robotic Third Arm

But the real cool stuff only begins here. Inside the kit we find accelerometers, allowing the machine to locate itself relating to the drum set. For example, when the player goes for the snare, the robotic arm aims the tom. How sick is that? A human motion capture technology makes its moves seem natural, dedicated to the purpose, while the stick will always be parallel to the area to hit, thanks to some very smart on-board motors.

There is still a lot to cover and research to be made in this field. For example, their next target is to link the brain with the robotic third arm, but such a feature¬†shouldn’t be expected too soon, even for our fast advancing technology. So far, the two-foot long extra hand is here to make sure music recording industry will recognize it as a viable future potential member.


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