The key to privacy?

Let’s be honest, privacy online is a hard thing to get these days, with a new virus or a hacker lurking around the corner all the time. And it is very important to try and keep some data private, like your bank account or your social media profiles. You can use different programs to ensure that you are safe, but the best thing would be if one product could do all the necessary things.

SilentKeys is that thing we have been hoping for. It is an amazing USB keyboard that will protect you both online and offline. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

At a press of a button the SilentKeys transforms from a normal keyboard to the one that will keep you safe and secure. After you turn it on you can choose the level of privacy that works best for you. It depends on what you need – from anonymous browsing online to encrypted network.

You now have a chance to be completely safe while online shopping and banking. Because here lyes the biggest risk of being hacked. Your financial, legal and medical information is going to be kept only for your eyes from now on.

It comes in two standard colours – white and black. But the best thing is that you can choose your layout (US, UK, FR, DE and ES), so no more awkward times  getting used to a new layout. The keyboard also has a 16GB micro SD card.
Nobody has the right to invade your privacy, on a computer, on your Facebook profile or anywhere else, so this is an excellent and effective way to make sure that does not happen to any of your digital data.