Did Hinge change online dating forever? Voice prompts are Hinge’s best innovation to personalize and humanize online dating. Hinge is offering each user 30 seconds to respond to a series of questions in an effort to move users to a more personal way of connecting. In the hopes that this new aspect of online dating would enrich the sometimes superficial experience of online dating.

75 % of Hinge users cited „assessing chemistry” as the most difficult aspect of online dating. While 65 percent said that being able to hear the other person’s voice would make that task easier, according to Hinge’s internal investigations.

It has been around a year since Hinge added this feature and users already say it changes the online dating game forever. Other users say this has helped them pick an ideal partner faster just based on the way they communicate. It is true that other dating applications have features such as phone calls but hearing a person talk and answer questions before swiping is more useful.

The process is easy. You may select the prompt from a range of ones offered by Hinge you want to respond to. After then, you’ll have up to 30 seconds to record your responses.  The prompts can be answered to your liking. You can be genuine or humorous, your choice! It is intended that how you respond will reveal just as much about you to possible mates as what you say.

Finally, Hinge also introduced improved non-binary user representation mechanisms for their app. The dating app users may now choose a „non-binary” gender category and will have an easier time finding or being found by other non-binary daters as a result of changes to Hinge’s algorithm. It is amazing news to hear that this dating app is doing an effort to be open to anyone’s use.