Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools out there for creators, especially those that work in video creation.

The platform is regularly accessed by people all over the world, with over 1.22 billion active users each month, and used by just over a quarter of the entire population (25.31%). Of those, around 70% of the user base is under the age of 34, and video has become one of the most popular mediums of entertainment, especially for that particular demographic.

Businesses and individuals looking to achieve results and success for whatever purpose they may have on Instagram have been looking to try and exploit those statistics, and with the platform introducing Reels, there has been no better way for them to get as much engagement as possible.

While it sounds simple, it is a task that is a lot harder said than done. There are so many competing to do the same thing on the site, thus making it even harder for creators to reach as many people as they can. Notwithstanding, there are a number of tips and tricks that can be applied that can potentially help to achieve success!

At this point, while having a huge following can be beneficial and helpful in creating more engagement and exposure, this is not generally enough to achieve results on their own. Users have a limited attention span, with many switching off just seconds into a Reel if they are not interested in the subject matter.

But this is where creators can make a difference. There are a number of different editing techniques that should be adopted when it comes to creating and posting Reels on the site.

Choosing the Right Audio

Depending on the Reel being created, the right type of music being used can help to create additional exposure and engagement. Viewers can become engaged with a video by the sounds that are being produced, and with certain music styles providing certain emotions, it is advisable to use the right one to match the message trying to be put across in the Reel.

There is a fine balance that does need to be met, though. It is important not to overdo it in regard to the music used. Go for something a little light and simple if that fits the narrative of the video being created. You can also look at what audio has proven to be popular before and use it to your own advantage, too.

Using Visual Effects

Arguably, one of the best ways to capture the attention and imagination of your audience is to use visual effects. Reels can become instantly more appealing when they feature certain effects that jump out on the screen and make viewers think about what they have seen.

Even novices are able to use visual effects within their short videos now. There are video editing software programs available that can make an individual who has no prior experience look like a professional that has been creating Reels for a long time, while these tools can also help reduce the time that is taken to create them.

Effects that can be used include features such as filters, and overlays. Most will also allow individuals to be able to speed up or slow down the footage being used in order to create a more compelling Reel. Best of all, users can experiment with a variety of features before they have to settle on one outcome, therefore giving them as much control as possible.

Hashtags Are Still Important

Hashtags have been used to great effect by Instagram (and Twitter) over the years, and they still remain as relevant as ever when trying to optimize the amount of engagement and exposure that a Reel can obtain.

However, it is important to make sure that only relevant hashtags are used, and that they are not overdone. Some may consider it spammy if there are too many, while others may report them if they do not fit the category that has been highlighted.

That does not mean a variety of different ones can be used, though. You could hashtag your Reel with a location, a brand, or anything generic in order to obtain as much engagement as possible.

Used Correctly, Instagram Reels Can Be Incredible

Given the number of users who use Instagram on a daily/monthly basis, and the fact that video content is emerging as the No. 1 form of media entertainment, Reels are an incredibly powerful tool.

Creating them and getting the right exposure and engagement is the hardest thing, but if you look to follow the tips and tricks outlined above, there is every possibility that you can create the high-quality Reels that users are looking for. They may share them, which could then make you go viral!