Blood pumping, sweat rushing down your face, muscles tense and every bit of focus aimed towards pushing that last rep on running the last quarter mile. In short, workout changes a person, and creates heightened focus levels which you wouldn’t otherwise think you’re capable of. And believe me, this is no new-age marketing line; working out turns a person into a better self.

While over a decade ago, your only aids when running were a bottle of water and a rag to wipe dripping sweat from your face, evolution of technology allows for a better workout experience through the help of gadgets. Here are our choice of 3 gadgets to help you workout and get better results.

1. Fitness bands


While they’re not extremely new on the market, fitness bands have evolved quite a lot in the last two years. From basic basic functions like stopwatch and lap time memory, fitness bands are now able to record routes and display average speed via GPS, monitor your hear rate and even your blood pressure, then provide accurate stats. Prices range between $40 for no name products and up to $270 for top of the line fitness trackers like FitBit Blaze or Microsoft Band. Some fitness bands are waterproof, allowing you to track progress even when swimming or running through rain.

2. Cycling glasses

oakley-uranium-collection-jawbreaker-radar-ev-prizm-road-3Beyond the basic fashion purpose, cycling glasses offer protection against debris and also reduces or enhances light depending on outside conditions (night or strong sunlight). A great pair of cycling glasses fit well with your face contour, suppressing any pinch points and fixate properly without over tightening to your face. More advanced cycling glasses offer the possibility to add a camera to video record your progress, GPS tracking and body status tracking. Prices as well as models vary hugely, making cycling glasses affordable and adaptable to anyone owning a bike.

3. Headphones


There is nothing like some audio motivation to help you correct your stride, level your pace or just help you go through, mentally. Older headsets were annoying as wires tend  to get their wires tangled or fall off your ears when running. However, newer workout headphones feature a hook-like design that allows for better fixation behind the year, ensuring they won’t fall that easy. Furthermore, with bluetooth technology involved, wires are history as well as are their tangly ways.


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