One day trip, staying over night, or spending more days away? Depending on that, your luggage usually grows in size. On one hand, it’s not fun carrying a very large bag. On the other hand, having a large bag that’s half full – it looks like a rotten banana. Wouldn’t it be great to have a re-sizable bag?

The Adjustable Bag (TAB) offers exactly that. It is a modular travel bag that extends to three sizes. Furthermore, TAB brings 12 handling configurations. You can carry it like a briefcase, like a backpack or on your shoulder.

The standard capacity of TAB is 31 liters, and expands up to 62 liters. This is all thanks to the cinch system it employs to collapse its unused parts. Furthermore, if you don’t need the bag right away, you can collapse in a small, easy to carry package.

TAB is created using waterproof materials. It is also lightweight, tipping the scale at 540 grams. Find out more about TAB on Kickstarter.