We love crowdfunding projects here at Hispotion! Not a day goes by without checking what’s next in line on major crowdfunding platforms. We thought it would be a good idea to spread the wealth.

Therefore, we present a new series featuring awesome crowdfunding projects. We’re gonna get back each week with new ideas and awesome stuff for you to check out.

Hexagonal Ruler

If you’re a sketchy guy (not in the bad way), this one’s may be for you. The hexagonal ruler is rather small. At just 72×62 mm, it packs quite a punch. A lot of predefined templates are incorporated into the hexagon, serving your quick drawing needs.

However, this thin stainless steel gadget can be configured to better suit your needs. Add the template shapes and curves that you need and get the best quick aid. It also comes with a stylish stationery. Get your own hexagonal ruler on Kickstarter for $14. 

A 360 deg. Neckband Camera

The name is FITT360. While it doesn’t say much about its origins, this project is backed by Samsung’s Creative labs. So, what does it do? Basically, you can record 360-degree video without holding a camera with your hands.

The wearable uses three wide-lens cameras. Video is drawn from all three then digitally glued together to create 360 imagery. FITT360 automatically compensates for exposure and a bunch of other factors.

Videos can either be recorded or streamed live via SNS. When you’re looking for higher definition data, FITT360 can be switched into 2K recording mode. You can still get the early bird on Kickstarter for $396.

Carl Sagan Quote Prints

Great astronomer and Universe visionary, Carl Sagan left a huge legacy behind. A Leeds-based designer put together some of the astronomer’s greatest quotes. Then, she printed then on high quality A4 and A3 paper.

Accompanied by a picture and a wooden frame, these quotes would change the dynamic of pretty much any living room. Prices start at around $21 on Kickstarter.

Smart Bicycle Tail Light

Motion detection, bluetooth, cool LEDs and smart optics. Rayo is able to fit almost any bike, keeping you safe in traffic. The smart tail light uses the same technology as drones to detect braking and light up the LEDs.

Fancy optics ensure the best visibility at low, medium and long distance. LED patterns are customizable. It will even alert when someone tries to steal your beloved bike. Get one for $44 on Kickstarter. Deliveries start April 2018.