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Breathe Easy


You sniff, irritated as you once again have to blow your nose, and use those frustrating nasal sprays to clear your pollen allergy. You think back on all the many times that you’ve had to stop what you’re doing, throw off your productiveness, just to sneeze. It can definitely make your blood boil, but more then that, it seems like you can’t get away from it, you just can’t breathe easily.

On top of that, it seems like the nasal spray they give you for it is a temporary fix. It’s never the full solution that you so desperately yearn for. If trying to adjust to the air doesn’t work, then maybe you just need to adjust the air to you! Now unless your magician of some kind, it might be kind of hard to take care of this. Luckily BreatheAIR has gone ahead and used science to do just that!

To resounding success, BreatheAIR has presented it’s Breathe Air Filter. A surprisingly small device that easily fits on your person. It’s dimensions are 3 centimeters by 6 1/2 centimeters, so it easily surpasses anything else on the market in terms of portability. Now, you might fear that this small piece of genius wouldn’t work as well as many of its larger competitors, but it’s statistics speak for itself. The aluminum casing, highly efficient and replacement free filter and 30 hour battery all add to the shock factor of this little device. Making it the next step in pollen allergy warfare.

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